Why is the sports replica watch so hot?

Recently sorted out what you usually replica watch, and found that at least 6 to 70% of the people sunning is a sports watch or sports watch. The sports watch here refers to sports-style watches, mainly diving watches, pilot watches and other watches. Why is the sports table so hot? After analysis, I think there are the following factors.



        The durability here is of course relative. Many sports watches are actually tools, such as chronographs, diving watches, pilot watches, mountaineering watches, and so on. These tool tables are more robust than ordinary mechanical watches. For example, diving watch, and the ordinary 30 meters, 50 meters waterproof compared to 100 meters and more waterproof nature is more reliable, and in life, watch water is indeed a headache. Another example is the pilot’s watch, which was originally built for the pilots of the army. The requirements of the military watch are not covered. For example, designed specifically for pilots Breitling Navitimer 01 series, is the world Pilots Association official table, not at all squeamish, daily bumps basically no problem.


Look good wild

        The high value of the sports watch, coupled with the current popularity of the large caliber, is more in line with the modern men’s aesthetic. But to say that sports watches are better than other styles of watches, in fact, it does not, or can not simply generalize, after all, everyone has a different aesthetic. However, compared to other watches, the sports watch is undoubtedly more able to demonstrate its own personality, making it more dynamic and younger. Especially now that the standard of living is high, health issues are getting more and more attention. Fitness, sports, and tourism are also called fashion. The various sports wind products are even more popular all over the world, including watches, of course. In addition, although not necessarily all, many brand-name sports watches such as Rolex Water Ghost, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, etc., these sports watches have a more recognizable appearance, can better demonstrate their own personality, and satisfy many people.” Even in the crowd, you can recognize my psychology at a glance. Finally, many sports tables are more versatile. Whether they are suits, casual wear or sportswear, they can hold live. I think this is one of his popular factors.



        Feeling this thing you can not understand, but can not stop others like it, especially the modern society is willing to feel more than just a lot of people. Yesterday, another friend told me that she had bought a bag of bread, which she had eaten as a child. She said, “I couldn’t help but buy the flavor when I was young.” This is the charm of feelings. The same is true for wearing a watch. Wearing a diving Replica watch does not necessarily require diving. Wearing a flying watch does not necessarily require opening an airplane. Wearing a climbing watch does not necessarily require climbing. Even in the urban forest of steel and cement, we can’t stop our desire for the sky, the sea and the mountains. Wearing a diver’s watch and other tool tables is just a kind of spiritual sustenance, just like people who don’t play basketball wear basketball shoes, those who don’t go cross-country have open-road vehicles, and those who don’t play football wear ball clothes.


Follow suit

        When the sports watch was originally fired, it was no longer valid. However, neither the Audemars Piguet nor the Patek Philippe Nautilus appeared for nearly half a century. However, it was not the beginning of the Rolex fire. But no matter what, a classic sports watch is on fire. Naturally, there are brands that follow suit to launch the corresponding works. For example, after the Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus. The Replica Omega Sea Horse 300 was also created to fight the Rolex. In addition to the brand’s follow-up role, consumers will follow suit, and many super-price watches will be driven by consumers’ actions. I also introduced it to everyone before, “What is the selling price? There must be 7! ” , and we can see that these super-price watches are all sports watches. Because the sports watch is on fire, there are many people who buy and sell well. Naturally, more brands are willing to do it, and the sports watch is becoming more and more popular. Of course, those who are “hype” are behind this.

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