Fake Replica Rolex new week calendar type jewelry watch

Mother of pearl, gold and diamond: Rolex with proprietary technology and subtle material with the introduction of two new surface design, the mother of natural beauty to play most vividly. Mother of pearl face with 18 ct white gold wheel wheel car (carrousel) hour ring, set with 217 shiny diamonds, and exquisite inlaid pink or white decorated with floral pattern mother of pearl. From the famous British fabric to get inspiration, Oxford engraved with a basket on the surface pattern, the surface with white mother of pearl, or a unique way through the Rolex, distributed attractive sparkling platinum luster mother of pearl. These two new face with diamond-studded markings and outer rings are found in the 18-ct eternal rose gold or white gold section of the DAY-DATE watch.

The rosy gorgeous surface: Replica Rolex grand launch of the new fine gem surface, in the diamond bit marks the background under the shine: 18 ct white gold section with lapis lazuli surface, 18 ct gold section with cattle eye stone surface, 18 ct eternal rose gold with ferrite surface. Gem surface and diamond-studded outer ring side by side, even more noble and gorgeous

3155-type movement, the top precision timepieces: DAY-DATE “SERTIE” watch entirely developed by the Rolex 3155 self-winding mechanical movement. As with all Rolex motion, the 3155 movement is also certified by the Swiss official accreditation, which is awarded to the Accurate Watches that have been successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The superb design of this movement and high-quality production process to make it unparalleled precision and reliability. Replica Watch the heart of the components – balance swing components, the use of Rolex patented blue PARACHROM gossamer, made by Rolex exclusive casting alloy. fake watches online This gossamer is not subject to magnetic field interference, in the temperature changes can still be stable, seismic than the traditional hairspring up to 10 times.

Related parameters:

Model: -118395 BR – 73205/118399 BR – 73209

Case Material: 18 ct eternal rose gold, polished effect / 18 ct white gold, polished effect

Movement Model: Rolex 3155-type movement, automatic winding mechanical movement, two-way constant-swing pendulum thallium

Surface Material: Material: Roulette made of pink mother of pearl and 18 ct white gold, with 217 diamonds / disc made of white mother of pearl and 18 ct white gold, with 217 diamond

Strap material: 18 ct eternal rose gold, the middle of the chain surface polished, both sides of the surface of the chain scrub, edge polished / 18 ct white gold, the middle chain surface polished, both sides of the surface scrub, edge polished.