Swiss luxury new wathes flashing debut

just arrived in Switzerland Basel and Geneva watch exhibition, has always been the annual watch industry and other major events, but also the major watch brands to show the world new models and new technology Good stage. And watch a month after the show, as usual, the major new listing of the golden season, which is the most trend of choice?

Diamond flashing

group drill embellishment as the mainstream, leaving the watch transfiguration jewelry, day and night wear Safe.

Raymond Wei RAYMONDWELLShine48 perfect cut, high-quality diamond frame and shiny stainless steel case corresponding brilliance, exquisite white pearl Fritillaria face plate in the arched sapphire crystal glass under the protection of more distinguished, uk replica watches 43 diamonds inlaid into Of the four embossed Arabic numerals rounded soft arch design, so that it can be a place to meet any place to wear the watch.

Rose glossy

rose gold case, is a synonym for desire, after the stainless steel material, become the focus of fashion.

Raymond Williams RAYMONDWELL Tang Giovanni series of two time zone rose gold watch

diamonds and rose gold combination, fake watches for men  compared with stainless steel and yellow gold material is more warm, enough to become the envy of all objects.

In addition to the practical Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) function, sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical details are also the focus of the design. Watch the operation of a single mechanical movement, control of the two time zone, showing the perfect balance between Seiko and precious metals.

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