Replica Rolex mechanical male watch (gold strap)

Humans know from ancient times that soft gold can be added by adding some other elements to enhance its hardness, or change its glory. Today, with the help of modern metallurgical technology, those in the visual show different texture, different colors of the “colored gold” is being increasingly applied to the new watch design and decoration. Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more cheap gold in order to obtain profits, thus accumulating the gold to add different elements after the different texture and glory effect of experience.

   And the standard 18K gold is different in the glory of the red 18K pink gold (pink gold) with red gold (red gold), rose gold (rose gold) and other different names, and because it was in the early 19th century popular in the Russia has the name of Russian gold (Russian gold). Its composition is generally 750 ‰ of pure gold plus 250 ‰ electrolytic pure copper, with a strong ductility, high hardness, easy to deformation or scratches and color changes and so on. rolex copies  The latter especially benefited from changes in the composition of the alloy if added to the silver, then the color will be lighter, add more silver, the red will be lighter. When the silver content increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15% of the time, the color will be more subtle or partial powder. Today, people have been accustomed to using different numbers to define their color changes 3N powder gold (75% pure gold plus 13% silver plus 12% copper), 4N powder gold (75% pure gold plus 9% silver Plus 16% copper), 5N powder gold (75% gold plus 4.5% silver plus 20.5% copper). You can see that the addition of silver is less and the more copper, the brilliance is more and more dark red.

   In addition, the most easily cause people to misunderstand is 18K white gold. Although the glory is generally difficult to distinguish with stainless steel, platinum, etc., but it is a kind of 18k gold, but its composition is slightly different. Of which the proportion of pure gold is still 750 ‰, as for the other 250 ‰ of metal, it is often the secret of each family. Vacheron Constantin in 2007 to change the men’s watch platinum formula. fake watch The more common platinum component is pure gold 75% palladium plus 12.5% ​​copper plus 6% silver plus 4% nickel plus 2.5%, then electroplated metal rhodium protection, but Vacheron Constantin to the proportion of palladium to 15%, this costly action makes Platinum can be brushed without electroplating rhodium, the factory also pointed out that such a formula will increase its strength, not easy to wear. In fact, and 18K white gold, 18K powder gold is also prone to fade phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and  Replica Rolex in recent years have their own 18K powder gold powder formula is special, is the so-called “eternal” does not fade the new material, in fact only The expert can distinguish the glory of the difference.

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