Why is the sports replica watch so hot?

Recently sorted out what you usually replica watch, and found that at least 6 to 70% of the people sunning is a sports watch or sports watch. The sports watch here refers to sports-style watches, mainly diving watches, pilot watches and other watches. Why is the sports table so hot? After analysis, I think there are the following factors.



        The durability here is of course relative. Many sports watches are actually tools, such as chronographs, diving watches, pilot watches, mountaineering watches, and so on. These tool tables are more robust than ordinary mechanical watches. For example, diving watch, and the ordinary 30 meters, 50 meters waterproof compared to 100 meters and more waterproof nature is more reliable, and in life, watch water is indeed a headache. Another example is the pilot’s watch, which was originally built for the pilots of the army. The requirements of the military watch are not covered. For example, designed specifically for pilots Breitling Navitimer 01 series, is the world Pilots Association official table, not at all squeamish, daily bumps basically no problem.


Look good wild

        The high value of the sports watch, coupled with the current popularity of the large caliber, is more in line with the modern men’s aesthetic. But to say that sports watches are better than other styles of watches, in fact, it does not, or can not simply generalize, after all, everyone has a different aesthetic. However, compared to other watches, the sports watch is undoubtedly more able to demonstrate its own personality, making it more dynamic and younger. Especially now that the standard of living is high, health issues are getting more and more attention. Fitness, sports, and tourism are also called fashion. The various sports wind products are even more popular all over the world, including watches, of course. In addition, although not necessarily all, many brand-name sports watches such as Rolex Water Ghost, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, etc., these sports watches have a more recognizable appearance, can better demonstrate their own personality, and satisfy many people.” Even in the crowd, you can recognize my psychology at a glance. Finally, many sports tables are more versatile. Whether they are suits, casual wear or sportswear, they can hold live. I think this is one of his popular factors.



        Feeling this thing you can not understand, but can not stop others like it, especially the modern society is willing to feel more than just a lot of people. Yesterday, another friend told me that she had bought a bag of bread, which she had eaten as a child. She said, “I couldn’t help but buy the flavor when I was young.” This is the charm of feelings. The same is true for wearing a watch. Wearing a diving Replica watch does not necessarily require diving. Wearing a flying watch does not necessarily require opening an airplane. Wearing a climbing watch does not necessarily require climbing. Even in the urban forest of steel and cement, we can’t stop our desire for the sky, the sea and the mountains. Wearing a diver’s watch and other tool tables is just a kind of spiritual sustenance, just like people who don’t play basketball wear basketball shoes, those who don’t go cross-country have open-road vehicles, and those who don’t play football wear ball clothes.


Follow suit

        When the sports watch was originally fired, it was no longer valid. However, neither the Audemars Piguet nor the Patek Philippe Nautilus appeared for nearly half a century. However, it was not the beginning of the Rolex fire. But no matter what, a classic sports watch is on fire. Naturally, there are brands that follow suit to launch the corresponding works. For example, after the Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus. The Replica Omega Sea Horse 300 was also created to fight the Rolex. In addition to the brand’s follow-up role, consumers will follow suit, and many super-price watches will be driven by consumers’ actions. I also introduced it to everyone before, “What is the selling price? There must be 7! ” , and we can see that these super-price watches are all sports watches. Because the sports watch is on fire, there are many people who buy and sell well. Naturally, more brands are willing to do it, and the sports watch is becoming more and more popular. Of course, those who are “hype” are behind this.

Replica Breitling launched Navitimer 8 Automatic Replica Watch

Yesterday, we introduced you to the Breitling first new product release under the leadership of Kern Georges – Navitimer 8 B01 chronograph Replica watch . Today, the brand announced the launch Navitimer 8 automatic watch , the watch and count the appearance of simple three-hand date display fusion classic aviator.


This watch is 41 mm in diameter, thickness of 10.74 mm, classic style, showing antique aviator watches perception. Application Case stainless steel or stainless steel, DLC coating, which is slightly modern. The watch is a fusion of retro inspiration (based on 768 pilot watch Breitling archives in), high quality construction and performance (through official COSC certified chronometer), attention to detail (scalloped bezel engraved with 60 arrows with a scale that can be used timing), as well as rugged 41 mm x 10.74 mm size also makes it suitable for everyday wear the perfect choice.

Technical Specifications

Replica Watch Breitling Navitimer 8 Automatic Watch

Model: A1731410 (stainless steel), M1731410 (DLC coated stainless steel)

Diameter: 41 mm
Thickness: 10.74 mm
Case material: stainless steel or a DLC coating
Dial color: black or blue
Time scale: Arabic numerals
Fluorescence: numbers and hands
Waterproof: 100 meters

Strap: leather strap or stainless steel watch chain

Movement : Breitling Caliber 17 movement (based on ETA 2824-2)
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
Diameter: 25.6 mm
Thickness: 4.6 mm
Power reserve: 40 hours
Winding: Automatic
Vibration frequency: 28,800 / h (4 Hz)
After officially certified COSC

Bidirectional winding ball bearing Tuo

Price: To be determined
Availability: May 2018 to June

Replica Watches Audemars Piguet watch exclusive technology to produce brand

Replica Audemars Piguet has created a total Jules Audemars, Edward Piguet, Tradition and other classic series, from the elegant thin watch, precision chronograph, the three asked poetic, intricate tourbillon, perpetual calendar sophisticated, exclusive technology to manufacture complex menu, everything.

Audemars Piguet watch is not a big production, just over 20,000 per year of production. Vatican Wei said the purchase of Audemars Piguet are generally some of the strong personality of successful people, including entrepreneurs. These people like complicated watches, Audemars Piguet’s classic series to meet their needs.


Audemars Piguet Replica launched in 1972, the stunning Royal Oak Royal Oak, this watch from the master’s hand watch technology, because only they can have a grand vision so unique and keen intuition. Royal Oak Royal Oak, interpretation of the brand’s unique style.


With this watch surging strength and confidence, revolutionized the watchmaking aesthetic elements, became the first-ever use of advanced stainless steel material watch. Watch styling reminiscent of the Royal Navy Royal Navy should “Royal Oak Royal Oak No.” ship’s porthole. In 1651, King Charles II in order to avoid enemy attacks while hiding under the oak tree, the name of the ship that is to commemorate the famous oak tree to defend the British monarch.


Oak symbolizes strength, octagon is a symbol of regeneration. Watch case with innovative avant-garde style, bezel with eight hexagonal screws, waterproof gasket is ingenuity to adopt sweeping design, staggered on the dial engraved with “GrandeTapisserie” large checkered decorative or “PetiteTapisserie” Small Plaid Decoration . Hand strap assembled case is fully embedded, bonded and wrist. Royal Oak Royal Oak watch design elements to break the routine, when the count becomes extremely epoch-making significance of the representative shock. Royal Oak lose ground in the altar table, and occupy a seat solid position.

Tall Replica watch show

Film Festival
    sponsorship of the festival, is the major brands are keen, each brand favorite, such as the three major European film festival, Cannes and Chopin, Venice and Jaeger planits, Berlin and Glashütte original, all Is a multi-year old partner. In the domestic film festival, the nations and Beijing International Film Festival, Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival are also very loud. A variety of movie awards set by the brand, but also watch and movie increasingly common way of cooperation. Such as Chopin in Cannes, Glashütte have their own awards in Berlin, in recognition of the film’s contribution in one area.
   The 71th Venice International Film Festival was held from August 27 to September 6, 2014. Jaeger-LeCoultre brand ambassador Zhao Wei wore the Reverso Cordonnet Neva women’s silk snowflake inlaid double-faced flip-top watch at the opening ceremony of the red carpet. Feng Shaofeng is wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Unique Travel Time dual-wing series Universal Travel Time watch attend the festival activities.

Jaeger-LeCoultre brand ambassador Zhao Wei wearing Jue home Reverso Cordonnet Neva women’s silk snowflake inlaid double-sided flip watch unveiled the opening ceremony of the 71th Venice International Film Festival red carpet

Mainland famous movie star Feng Shaofeng to wear replica watches Jaeger LeCoultre Unique Travel Time double wing series Universal travel time watch At the Venice International Film Festival closing ceremony Red carpet and closing film “Golden Age” premiere

Replica Audemars Piguet presents extraordinary new jewelry fake watches

Audemars Piguet ( Audemars Piguet ) once again presents extraordinary fine jewelry watches this year, add sparkling light for the 2014 women’s collection, while skilled craft show strict watch factory in this field of top watch widely recognized.

Audemars Piguet 2014 Nian fine jewelry watches

Replica Audemars Piguet just like build a bridge spanning 1883 to the present, do not stop to extend the brand of fine jewelry making tradition, to create a stunning ladies watch. In just eight years after the establishment of the company, Audemars Piguet and its partners will begin manufacturing ladies watch. Brand known for producing complex features men’s movement is known, but the ladies watch has a distinct emphasis on technology. Ladies fake Watch limited space make assembly movement has become a major challenge. Once these technical hurdles crossed, jewelers, gem setters and engravers can start retouching watch.

Audemars Piguet 2014 Nian fine jewelry watches (back)

In essence, the entire production process from the beginning has not changed much since. Jewelry watches creation is still complex and requires a team of outstanding art designers, gem setters, engravers and watchmakers partners work together to complete. In the stunning scenery against the backdrop of the Jura valley, nature became the protagonist of these outstanding works.

The perfect combination of Replica Omega ceramic and Liquidmetal flow gold alloy

OMEGA Omega launched the world’s first Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal, a limited edition watch hippocampus made of ceramic and Liquidmetal gold alloy.

Swatch Group Swatch Group and Replica Omega OMEGA’s product development team to develop ceramic diving outer ring. The Liquidmetal gold ring on the outer ring is silver, striking in contrast with the black ceramic background. The color of the ceramic surface matches the color of the outer ring. As long as a few innovative process gave birth to an aesthetic miracle.

To commemorate the year OMEGA Omega launched its all-rage Seamaster hippocampus watch series, they introduced 1948 limited edition watch, high-profile.

Watch industry to redefine the service life

OMEGA Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal limited edition watch in stainless steel case and stainless steel strap, driven by OMEGA Omega’s new 2500 coaxial core. The ceramic and Liquidmetal flow-through alloy components, which have strong corrosion and abrasion resistance, make these movements, which are predicted to be chronographed for long periods of time. So pure copy watches Omega was born: a first design that will maintain its appearance, incorporating the new Co-Axial coaxial technology.

Replica Rolex mechanical male watch (gold strap)

Humans know from ancient times that soft gold can be added by adding some other elements to enhance its hardness, or change its glory. Today, with the help of modern metallurgical technology, those in the visual show different texture, different colors of the “colored gold” is being increasingly applied to the new watch design and decoration. Historically, many of the alchemists have tried to produce some of the means to produce more cheap gold in order to obtain profits, thus accumulating the gold to add different elements after the different texture and glory effect of experience.

   And the standard 18K gold is different in the glory of the red 18K pink gold (pink gold) with red gold (red gold), rose gold (rose gold) and other different names, and because it was in the early 19th century popular in the Russia has the name of Russian gold (Russian gold). Its composition is generally 750 ‰ of pure gold plus 250 ‰ electrolytic pure copper, with a strong ductility, high hardness, easy to deformation or scratches and color changes and so on. rolex copies  The latter especially benefited from changes in the composition of the alloy if added to the silver, then the color will be lighter, add more silver, the red will be lighter. When the silver content increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15% of the time, the color will be more subtle or partial powder. Today, people have been accustomed to using different numbers to define their color changes 3N powder gold (75% pure gold plus 13% silver plus 12% copper), 4N powder gold (75% pure gold plus 9% silver Plus 16% copper), 5N powder gold (75% gold plus 4.5% silver plus 20.5% copper). You can see that the addition of silver is less and the more copper, the brilliance is more and more dark red.

   In addition, the most easily cause people to misunderstand is 18K white gold. Although the glory is generally difficult to distinguish with stainless steel, platinum, etc., but it is a kind of 18k gold, but its composition is slightly different. Of which the proportion of pure gold is still 750 ‰, as for the other 250 ‰ of metal, it is often the secret of each family. Vacheron Constantin in 2007 to change the men’s watch platinum formula. fake watch The more common platinum component is pure gold 75% palladium plus 12.5% ​​copper plus 6% silver plus 4% nickel plus 2.5%, then electroplated metal rhodium protection, but Vacheron Constantin to the proportion of palladium to 15%, this costly action makes Platinum can be brushed without electroplating rhodium, the factory also pointed out that such a formula will increase its strength, not easy to wear. In fact, and 18K white gold, 18K powder gold is also prone to fade phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and  Replica Rolex in recent years have their own 18K powder gold powder formula is special, is the so-called “eternal” does not fade the new material, in fact only The expert can distinguish the glory of the difference.

Swiss luxury new wathes flashing debut

just arrived in Switzerland Basel and Geneva watch exhibition, has always been the annual watch industry and other major events, but also the major watch brands to show the world new models and new technology Good stage. And watch a month after the show, as usual, the major new listing of the golden season, which is the most trend of choice?

Diamond flashing

group drill embellishment as the mainstream, leaving the watch transfiguration jewelry, day and night wear Safe.

Raymond Wei RAYMONDWELLShine48 perfect cut, high-quality diamond frame and shiny stainless steel case corresponding brilliance, exquisite white pearl Fritillaria face plate in the arched sapphire crystal glass under the protection of more distinguished, uk replica watches 43 diamonds inlaid into Of the four embossed Arabic numerals rounded soft arch design, so that it can be a place to meet any place to wear the watch.

Rose glossy

rose gold case, is a synonym for desire, after the stainless steel material, become the focus of fashion.

Raymond Williams RAYMONDWELL Tang Giovanni series of two time zone rose gold watch

diamonds and rose gold combination, fake watches for men  compared with stainless steel and yellow gold material is more warm, enough to become the envy of all objects.

In addition to the practical Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) function, sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical details are also the focus of the design. Watch the operation of a single mechanical movement, control of the two time zone, showing the perfect balance between Seiko and precious metals.

This article by the network news.guuoo.com editor finishing

From an Replica wathes Speaking

September 10, 2014 held in Tianjin in the summer of 2014, the eighth annual meeting of Davos – World Economic Forum New Chancellors at the annual meeting of the State Council Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech on “serious violations of intellectual property rights, more To punish according to law, including the implementation of huge compensation for punishment, so that the offenders pay an unbearable price for innovation. ” Which for the intellectual property sector is a great shock, then what is the impact on the watch industry?
September 2014 Another important news is that Ma led Alibaba in the United States, the mainland became the new richest man. E-commerce for our lives is a huge change, people get a variety of goods greatly reduced the difficulty. All kinds of counterfeit imitation of the sale of information, through the spread of e-commerce.
Before my understanding is the watch with antique porcelain, painting is not the same, to be fake is more difficult, because it is difficult to cobble together the same factory level and equipment. A lot of false watch is to fight people a trademark, imitation level unbearable, all kinds of elements of the chaos of the patchwork, seen is a fake.
But recently saw the real high imitation table. Chengdu,cheap replica watches a special friend to sell two watches, said his shop received a AP Audemars Piguet Offshore offshore Royal Oak (Royal Oak) watch, from the appearance does not see the flaws, is ready to come up with 110,000 yuan Take it down. Or else be careful to open the case to see inside the movement is made imitation 7750 movement, was cheated. This thing really let him breathe a cold air, was surprised. This friend made watches business for many years, a variety of watches in hand countless, can he was Mongolia, really is a bit unusual.
Later, many people on the microblogging made this ad, out of curiosity plus their WeChat to see, a look really surprised. The first is the imitation of the brand, from Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe), Richard Miller (Richard Miller), Rolex, AP Audemars Piguet, Omega, Blancpain, Panerai. One of the hardest hit is Panerai watch. These are known as imitation, and are popular models on the market, such as Rolex’s Milguass green glass, Blancpain’s 50  watch, Omega’s new coaxial escapement 8500, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Pei Na Hai’s popular models such as bronze 382 watch and so on. Price, frequently tens of thousands of tens of thousands of true form, these imitation watches generally more than 1,000 yuan, individual models more than 2,000 yuan. The price should be said that it is not cheap, and to know the domestic Tourbillon a movement also a thousand large, domestic automatic movement as long as more than ten dollars a. The price of the Swiss watch such as Tissot has been able to start.
From the picture point of view, these imitation table appearance has done very well, such as the 2013 Swiss watch brand, but also the Swiss Swatch Group, one of the most high-end brand Blancpain style is the diving table fifty . Imitation table inside there is this watch, from the sapphire luminous bezel, arched sapphire watch, super luminous vivid. There are also flawed is the back of the movement, a lot of movement from the back through the hair can easily see the flaws; for example, imitation of the Omega new coaxial escapement 8500 watch, from the escapement part of the balance wheel, gossamer, shock can See the difference; imitation AP love the golden oak back through the movement also have the same problem. Another problem is that these watch the level of work so that I am surprised, because the domestic table even in the high-end, the level of its work, especially the level of modification is not flattered, lack of aesthetic considerations. And these imitation from the picture is a certain level, such as polished like a lot of beauty in the inside.
To know the taste of pears, it is necessary to personally taste. These imitation table in the end what kind of level, I decided to buy a piece to see what happens. I chose to buy a copy of the Panerai 127 watch, spent 2,500 yuan. Panerai 127 known as the Panerai famous four King watches, pillow type 47 mm watch, ETA6497 hand movement, is the 2002 SE special models, a total of 1950 production, the current table is certainly not a new table , Second-hand watch the price of 120,000 or so. Buy this is also considered, because this is the traditional movement of the use of ETA, the best imitation, I just want to look at what can be in the end to what extent!
Online payment, soon after the hand, who is the truth level of work beyond my imagination. Case, needle surface, table mirror grinding process are good. Before I had a Panerai 005 watch, the use of ETA6497 is the movement, this movement has a special hand on the chain of a bomb feel, this only imitation table movement not only look like this , Feel actually consistent. This fake watch the work of work, laser engraving, blue screws, mirror polished gooseneck fine-tuning are very realistic.
Contact with the real table and query information, I found this one known as a copy of the 127 there are two flaws, one is the watch clock, the real clock is thicker than the minute, this is just as thick. The other is the movement of the big wheel of the teeth of the real table is a high polished, this polishing is not sufficient. But the similarity can say 95%. The most surprising is that the production of spherical sapphire crystal is very high cost, follow-up Panerai launched similar 372 watch are used arched plexiglass. And this watch is the real spherical sapphire crystal. Sandwich dial, luminous, large buckle, do are very good.
For the obvious difference between the standard, I am the point of view, not the level of technology can not reach. Production of high imitation in the history of common, such as the Qing Dynasty produced a large number of Ming Dynasty Chenghua and Xuande models of porcelain. The imitator traditionally has a rule, counterfeiters from the concept also know that fraud is wicked things afraid of being cursed. Afraid of others take posing 120,000 true table deceptive, to leave a flaw, you can not see you deserve it.
It stands to reason, more than 2000 to buy a piece and 12 million similar degree of 95% of the watch, should be very value. But really get started this fake table, and I used to buy the watch after the joy of the mood is very different. First, we can not share with friends, there is no way to bring a occasion, not enough to shame it. Which actually lost an important part of the luxury watch value.
There is also a sad feeling, from this watch produced in Guangdong fully embodies the production of watches in China has a considerable level. If the product can be sold for more than 2,000 yuan, you can make a very good product. But because the price of domestic watch is difficult to reach the area of ​​2,000 yuan, through making false statements to make quick money.
The sale of imitation table is not on the table, because the re-do is also impersonating another person’s trademark, Article 57 of the Trademark Law expressly provides that “without the permission of the trademark registrant, in the same commodity with its registered trademark of the same trademark “Is a violation of the registered trademark. Registered trademark is protected by administration and justice. Infringement of trademark rights will not only be punished by the fine punishment, such as illegal business under five times the amount of fines, constitute a crime, in addition to compensation for the loss of the infringer, but also be held criminally responsible.
I know a friend, then more than 40 years old resigned to read Dr., fake watches  I told him that you under this determination really big, really not easy. He told me a word, so I touched, the road is often slow, slowly come It is not easy to do your own brand, but it is sad to have a skill to break the morals and the law.
September another big news is assembled in China, Zhengzhou, Apple Iphone6 ​​mobile phone marketing world, fully proved that China’s manufacturing and processing capacity. But to get the most lucrative profits in the industrial chain, but also to upgrade to China to create their own brand and technology. Pro Yuan Xian fish, it is better to retreat network, to create their own brand is a slow road, but it is definitely a road and promising road.

Fake Replica Rolex new week calendar type jewelry watch

Mother of pearl, gold and diamond: Rolex with proprietary technology and subtle material with the introduction of two new surface design, the mother of natural beauty to play most vividly. Mother of pearl face with 18 ct white gold wheel wheel car (carrousel) hour ring, set with 217 shiny diamonds, and exquisite inlaid pink or white decorated with floral pattern mother of pearl. From the famous British fabric to get inspiration, Oxford engraved with a basket on the surface pattern, the surface with white mother of pearl, or a unique way through the Rolex, distributed attractive sparkling platinum luster mother of pearl. These two new face with diamond-studded markings and outer rings are found in the 18-ct eternal rose gold or white gold section of the DAY-DATE watch.

The rosy gorgeous surface: Replica Rolex grand launch of the new fine gem surface, in the diamond bit marks the background under the shine: 18 ct white gold section with lapis lazuli surface, 18 ct gold section with cattle eye stone surface, 18 ct eternal rose gold with ferrite surface. Gem surface and diamond-studded outer ring side by side, even more noble and gorgeous

3155-type movement, the top precision timepieces: DAY-DATE “SERTIE” watch entirely developed by the Rolex 3155 self-winding mechanical movement. As with all Rolex motion, the 3155 movement is also certified by the Swiss official accreditation, which is awarded to the Accurate Watches that have been successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The superb design of this movement and high-quality production process to make it unparalleled precision and reliability. Replica Watch the heart of the components – balance swing components, the use of Rolex patented blue PARACHROM gossamer, made by Rolex exclusive casting alloy. fake watches online This gossamer is not subject to magnetic field interference, in the temperature changes can still be stable, seismic than the traditional hairspring up to 10 times.

Related parameters:

Model: -118395 BR – 73205/118399 BR – 73209

Case Material: 18 ct eternal rose gold, polished effect / 18 ct white gold, polished effect

Movement Model: Rolex 3155-type movement, automatic winding mechanical movement, two-way constant-swing pendulum thallium

Surface Material: Material: Roulette made of pink mother of pearl and 18 ct white gold, with 217 diamonds / disc made of white mother of pearl and 18 ct white gold, with 217 diamond

Strap material: 18 ct eternal rose gold, the middle of the chain surface polished, both sides of the surface of the chain scrub, edge polished / 18 ct white gold, the middle chain surface polished, both sides of the surface scrub, edge polished.